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How To Dive Into Social Media For Lawyers

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Whether you’re ready to dive into social media for lawyers headfirst or you are just getting your feet wet there are a few things to keep in mind about creating your social media presence.

Social media is now the fastest-growing form of communication in the world. From blogs, to networking sites, wikis, podcasts and everything in between it is hard to know where to start. In order to make the most out of social media marketing for lawyers we’ve broken it down to what we think are three essential areas for you to get familiar with.

Blogging: A Key Component of Social Media For Lawyers

How to utilize social media marketing for lawyers comes down to one question. What is the biggest reason someone hires one lawyer over another? Expertise. When you hire someone to take care of something for you it is essential that that person is an expert in the subject matter. Blogging will help you build yourself (your brand) as an expert in your field of law. The key is to get down to your focus area and avoid being too general. Is your focus employment law? Blog about the ‘nitty gritty’ of how new laws and precedents affect your potential clients. Litigation? Show us how you are the expert in the courtroom. Use your blog to build your brand and become an expert in the eyes of potential clients.

Start out with a manageable goal of one blog per week and then once you are comfortable and have built a bit of a following, increase from there. Don’t insist that you blog once a day from the beginning because you’ll burn out and the key here is…longevity.

Using Twitter To Get The Most Out Of Social Media Marketing For Lawyers

Using Twitter is ideal for lawyers looking to expand their network, increase their law firm exposure, enhance their reputation and connect with key people in different industries. Social media for lawyers through Twitter means sharing news from others that is pertinent to your industry. Again, you are building your brand as a subject matter expert. Simply retweeting information you find valuable or linking to articles that you have researched keeps you at the forefront of the discussion which means that when legal expertise is needed you come first to mind.

How To Utilize LinkedIn and Facebook

SearchXcelYou are not selling ‘Girl Scout’ cookies; you are selling your expertise and knowledge. The best way to find clients is not knocking on doors of people who may need you but networking with others in your industry that know people who need you. For instance, join Facebook and participate in groups with active discussions about your field. Make sure you build a strong network through LinkedIn so other professionals know you and respect you. They will know people who need your services and they will bring them to you once you have established yourself as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Having an effective social media marketing program for lawyers will help you create better relationships with your current clients, prospective clients and strategic partners.

A final note of advice: be clear when communicating through social media avenues about the difference between insights and legal advice. Get personal with your new online network and share insights freely but be sure to maintain the difference.

If you haven’t already its time to take the plunge and see how social media marketing for lawyers can grow your practice. Contact SearchXcel today for more details at (877) 400-0252, ext. 302, or and see how we can help get you social!

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