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Top Five Reasons Why Lawyers Need To Blog

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Search Engine Optimization

In recent years the blog has morphed from simple online diary to vital SEO tool utilized by virtually all industries, including law firms. Lawyers have recognized that blogging provides a perfect marketing platform to enhance the firm’s reach as well as engage with clients on an entirely new business level. While certain care and consideration must always be given to maintain client confidentiality, there are many reasons why lawyers need to blog.

Build Reputation

Lawyers must continuously strive to achieve, and then maintain, a reputation of “subject matter expert” in their field of practice. By producing accurate and thought provoking content a lawyer can stand apart from the competition as an industry leader. More importantly, a blog provides an opportunity to establish status on a global scale.

Allow Clients To Know You

Website advertising, while effective, is a static promotional entity. Yes, a website conveys a desired marketing message. However, the material offered on a site rarely changes. A blog allows a lawyer the chance to show clients a more in-depth and dynamic personality by consistently creating and/or offering insight on timely pieces.

Broaden Exposure

Consistently posting online content enhances search engine optimization and will help put that lawyer near the top of web browsers. Essentially, establishing SEO rankings enables potential clients performing internet searches to find you before they find your competition.

Create Dialogue

Unlike other online outlets, most blogs offer a “comments” section. This allows a lawyer to not only give his insight on a topic, but also solicit input and dialogue from readers.

Remain Current And Relevant

Search engine optimization has proven to be more than just a passing marketing trend. Lawyers who don’t embrace SEO and blog content creation may inadvertently make themselves seem dated and obsolete. In today’s society of Twitter and Facebook, creating a blog is an essential way to maintain a current and relevant professional persona.

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